Not too long ago we came across a rather unique finding in the world of dementia. In the Netherlands there is a place called Weeps, just outside Amsterdam. Somewhere in this area there is a small village which is now known as ‘dementia village’

Keeping a senior with dementia safe at home<br />Source: <a href="">Love Infographics</a>

Exactly, it’s a small village where every resident has a rather severe form of dementia. Don’t worry; it’s not a standalone village with only old people living there. In fact it’s part of a health care movement in the area which tries to improve the quality of life for people who suffer from dementia.

Residents of the ‘village’ are allowed to roam around freely in the open air and life a seemingly normal life. In reality they are always watched by the restaurant keepers, shop owners and barbers in town, who are in fact all caretakers.

While all the residents are well aware that they’re living in health care institute, because of their condition they often seem to forget. This results in an almost normal way of communication between carers and patients. Could this be a new method to help those with dementia?

Check out the short video below to get an impression of ‘dementia village’